Our Values

  • To be a dynamic, fully customer-orientated, international company with a Marketing-based philosophy (“meeting customer needs profitably”) and a reputation as a Sales and Marketing leader which combines local knowledge with the ability to implement agreed strategies across all its markets.
  • To imbue and maintain a service philosophy for both our internal and external customers.
  • To maintain and cultivate the flexibility and entrepreneurship that our size and structure allow.

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Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd., is one of the leading and will continue to lead the development of the Western Indian Specialty Pharmaceutical sector in order to develop, source, manufacture and market innovative medicines for the benefit of patients, employees and other stakeholders.

To be The Partner of choice by ensuring that Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd. continuously operates in all our markets at the highest standard of quality expected of the pharmaceutical industry and by ensuring that we always honour our ethical obligations towards patients as well as customers, physicians, corporate partners and other stakeholders.

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“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

At Addissun Life Science Pvt. Ltd. we have an ongoing commitment to improving patients’ lives. By developing highly effective medicines for conditions currently with unmet clinical needs, we make a real difference.
We focus not only on conditions that are life threatening, but also those that can cause patients considerable physical suffering. Our products are an important factor in improving the quality of life for patients

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