Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd., is one of the leading and will continue to lead the development of the Western Indian Specialty Pharmaceutical sector in order to develop, source, manufacture and market innovative medicines for the benefit of patients, employees and other stakeholders.

To be the “Pharma” partner of choice.

Our mission encompasses three core elements.
To be The Partner of choice by ensuring that Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd. continuously operates in all our markets at the highest standard of quality expected of the pharmaceutical industry and by ensuring that we always honour our ethical obligations towards patients as well as customers, physicians, corporate partners and other stakeholders.

Having built a unique pharmaceutical infrastructure across Western India, Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd. must leverage this investment by licensing in and acquiring new products to help improve patient care and sustain our sales growth.

Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd. has a pipeline of R&D projects, which we seek to drive forward to create innovative products which we can sell through our infrastructure and, where we own global rights, license out to partners in other major markets.