About Us

Addisun Life Science Pvt Ltd., is a specialty pharmaceutical company with an extensive presence in Western India. Throughout our life span, we have sought to develop and market high quality, innovative products for the benefit of both patients and physicians. We are committed to developing products not only to treat life-threatening conditions, but importantly, to improve the quality of life for patients with a variety of acute and chronic illnesses. We have a long-standing tradition of building high quality relationships based on the highest standards, with patients, physicians, employees, partners and other key stakeholders. In the last few years, we have focused on expanding our infrastructure, and have moved to strengthen the Research & Development base of the company. As a result, we are now positioned with:

  • A strong portfolio of internal development projects, principally in the areas of Cardiac Care, Critical Care and Pharmaceutical Division
  • An extensive Sales and Marketing organisation
  • An established manufacturing base
  • A solid geographical base, with major cities functioning together as a single coherent organisation

Addisun Life Science Pvt Ltd., also partners with companies seeking assistance in the development and commercialisation of innovative pharmaceutical products across the country. We value our development partnerships as they support our growth ambitions and will help to facilitate our continued business expansion. By consolidating our successes, we can ensure we meet the challenges of an exciting future.

We have the resources to bring products to market on a country basis by combining sales and marketing expertise with all development, clinical research, product registration or manufacturing resources that our partners require. In the years ahead, Addissun Life Science Pvt Ltd. will.